Hub for the Future In Action – Volunteering Challenge

Spreading Love in the Time of Covid

The Volunteering Challenge aspires to encourage Hub members to dedicate to voluntary services, arouse public awareness of the Hub, and promote the message of community contribution. Participants are free to engage in various types of volunteering services and also serve in selected projects from Hub for the Future In Action, which promotes further connection between members of the Hub.

As the pandemic worsens, many of us start to work from home or attend classes online. Yet as social interactions are put on hold, social needs in the city remain. In fact, the invisible damages brought by the pandemic such as loneliness and anxiety could mean that more people are in need of our help than before..

If you want to lend a helping hand, join the “Hub for the Future In Action – Volunteering Challenge” and spread love in our community!


First Service Session - Virtual Meetup with Children

The first service session marks the beginning of the Hub for the Future – Volunteering Challenge. A virtual meetup with children was held on 5th March 2022.

With the support from Youth Volunteer Network, HKFYG and Full Grace Service Centre, Hub members had fruitful afternoon with a group of children. Participants read interesting English stories aloud and played “The Buyer” together. The children enjoyed practicing oral English with Hub members very much and some parents are already asking if there will be more similar sessions in the future. We can’t wait to meet these children again!


External opportunities

Are you looking for volunteering opportunities to help the people in need under COVID-19? Sign up now to join community services offered by various organisations which you can support the community remotely at home!

*Please note that this is only an initial indication to your volunteering participation. Your personal information will be passed to the event organisers for volunteer recruitment purpose. The event organiser(s) may reject/ postpone participation by any volunteer.

  1. Volunteer of Anti-covid Robot Programme
    Description: Volunteers shall contribute to training the AI chatbot for public enquiry for information combating COVID-19
    Language: Chinese and English
    Programme website:
  2. JA Building a Financially Capable Generation Programme
    Organiser: Junior Achievement Hong Kong
    Description: Do you know how to manage your money well? Do you know the basics of saving and investment? Can you make your money work for you? We are looking for interested volunteers to join the online school sessions of the JA Building a Financially Capable Generation programme. The role of the volunteers will be to help Form 1-4 students develop their practical financial literacy skills. In case you aren’t that confident, the Foundation Sessions for Volunteers can also help you improve your skills so you feel more confident about your finances.
    Language: English or Cantonese
    Format: Zoom
    Programme details:
    Date and time:
    25 Mar 0810-093028 Mar 1100-122028 Mar 1320-145029 Mar 1320-1450
    30 Mar 0850-101030 Mar 1020-114031 Mar 1320-145013 Apr 0900-1030
    28 Jun 0830-101530 Jun 0900-1030  
  3. HSBC/HKUST Underwater Robotics for Youth Programme
    Organiser: HKUST
    Description: If you’re interested in robotics or working with SEN students, you might want to consider volunteering for the HSBC/HKUST Underwater Robotics for Youth Programme. We are looking for volunteers who can be panel members during the Underwater Robot Competition. Your responsibility is to ask participating teams about their experience working together to build and pilot their underwater robot. The goal is to help P4-S3 students develop their teamwork and leadership skills especially when working with students who are different from them.
    Language: English or Cantonese
    Format: Zoom
    Programme website:
    Date and time:
    29 Jun Afternoon 30 Jun Afternoon 1 Jul Afternoon 2 Jul Afternoon
    4 Jul Afternoon 5 Jul Afternoon 6 Jul Afternoon 7 Jul Afternoon 
    8 Jul Afternoon 9 Jul Afternoon   
  4. 「疫苗易」家居接種計劃