Hub for the Future In Action is a social innovation programme which aims to create a platform for young scholars to actualise their dreams of a better future for Hong Kong by channelling their ideas into meaningful and impactful projects that benefit our society.

The programme is conducted in three phases: 1. Ideation, Training and Coaching, 2. Pitching and Project Proposal Submission and 3. Project Execution Grant and Project Execution. Participants are divided into groups according to their passion regarding social issues, and selected groups will be given training and resources along the way they produce the project proposals, each of which will be given a project execution grant of up to HK$100,000 for actualising the projects. Assistance will also be provided when necessary, during the project execution phase, such as providing community networks, marketing channels and advisory services.

The ultimate goal of the programme is to:
1. Support social innovation initiatives that are able to address social issues and promote social goods.
2. Enhance the public engagement of the Hub community through community engagement.
3. Encourage Hub members (new Scholars and alumni) to engage with each other so as to build a strong Hub community.


During the 2021/22 cohort, we gathered over 60 passionate young talents who were divided into groups according to their passion regarding social issues. After careful consideration and thorough review by HSBC and HKFYG, 10 teams have been selected to proceed to the project execution phase.

  • E for E.Y.E. (Enhancement for the Essence of Youth & Elderly)
    The project, E for E.Y.E. aims to make compassion contagious and promote intergenerational harmony (長幼共融) through picture book production and public education such as workshops and sharing seminars etc. Through the project, it is expected to increase awareness among youngsters and the elderly’s mental health, better intergenerational collaboration and more positive attitudes towards each other. (Link:
  • Caring for Caregivers
    A programme to address the emotional needs and knowledge gaps of caregivers who look after children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) aged 6-12 years.
    Its proposed solution is a program consisting of 5 workshops that will focus on caregivers’ informational and emotional needs. Specifically, caregivers learn
    practical skills for better interaction with SEN children, stress management, and receiving emotional support by belonging to a community of fellow caregivers.
  • The All-in-one AI-based Knee Osteoarthritis Management System
    KOA is shared with 10% of the Hong Kong population who are middle-aged and elderly. In light of these detrimental consequences and the predicted increase in the ageing population, CLAIRE has developed a state-of-the-art AI-powered KOA self-management mobile application for better disease management with local orthopaedic surgeons, public health experts, and biomedical engineering scholars.
    With the free-of-charge self-management mobile application, they boost self-insurance and self-management skills among KOA patients, by providing health education workshops on evidence-based exercises to alleviate KOA symptoms, together with other educational and motivational components, such as diet and behavioural modifications. (Link:
  • The Mind Ambassador Programme (MAP)
    This is a youth educational programme, which aims to
    build capacity among young leaders to become mental health advocates and design wellness activities for their peers. They will create an interactive platform for selected groups of outstanding secondary school students to acquire professional knowledge and skills in youth mental health, peer counselling and mental health research from local experts (‘Training Phase’) in preparing them to become our Mind Ambassadors. They will transform their knowledge and research findings into meaningful and evidence-based actions in their respective schools or communities (‘Planning and Application Phase’).
    This year, MAP aims to target 10 local secondary schools which will each nominate up to 10 high-calibre
    students to participate in the programme. (Link:
  • Vivablee - Personalized Mindfulness Companion
    Vivablee offers a unique digital gamified mindfulness solution to tackle the prevalent mental health issue in Hong Kong. Vivablee is determined to tackle mental health at its roots: the youth market by combining clinically proven mindfulness and public health behavioural change framework, with the ultimate mission to reduce the public health cost associated with mental wellness in Hong Kong. (Link:
  • Young Scientist & Engineer Experience Program
    This project proposes to create an engaging hands-on experience program for secondary school students so that they become more motivated to pursue a STEM career. To promote education on subjects related to STEM education, they would like to develop an internship program for local secondary school students who are science enthusiasts. They recruit students with scientific talent and passion in relevant fields to participate in the internship program. These top-notch participants will then be assigned to different scientific research companies and universities to carry out experiments or construct their prototypes.
  • Applied Theatre X Environmental Education
    The team is aware environmental protection efforts and mindset in Hong Kong are lagging far behind the rest of the developed world, and so are out environmental education policies.
    Therefore, they address this problem with a new and creative form of teaching and learning medium--the applied theatre, which is more interactive and immersive than traditional theatre.
  • Reusable Lunchbox Lending Services
    There has been excessive use of disposable utensils, and the situation has become more serious during the COVID-19 Pandemic. A large number of takeaways and the lack of habit to reduce the usage of disposable utensils create a large amount of waste on a daily basis and consequently lead to serious waste pollution.
  • WeRice
    WeRice is a non-profit initiative that aims to connect restaurants and those in need of food through a mobile platform. With a vision to provide prepared meal boxes prepared by restaurants, from their food surplus to the beneficiaries. Through highlighting the flexibility of the partnering restaurants, such that they can upload their daily availability and quantity of meals available for the community every day, such that users can select and reserve their meals on our platform, picking up their desired meals from the restaurants directly. (Link:
  • Art of Ageing
    The project aims to write, design, and publish a comic book to address the daily challenges that are commonly faced by elderly people in Hong Kong and empower them with the knowledge and skillsets required to reduce the risk factors associated with age-related diseases. Such preventative measures will allow the elderlies to improve their physical and mental health, and most importantly, their quality, throughout their course of ageing.