In Action Social Innovation Projects 21-22 Teams Update


WeRice aims to bridge caring restaurants to communities in need of food - not a cent needed, only a click of which meal box for pick up at which chain, which district - The food waste problem transformed into a resource for community gaps.

Austin and the team are determined to try and tailor collaboration modes with different restaurant chains and outlets, to provide:

- Free food for needy communities!
- Linked resources for NGOs to leverage together!
- The food waste problem has not been eliminated but it at least eased a bit in HK!

Listen to Austin, and see how your synergy or sharing efforts might act with us, altogether through collective efforts. See how the service works @



Vivablee offers a unique digital gamified mindfulness solution to tackle the prevalent mental health issue in Hong Kong. Vivablee is determined to tackle mental health at its roots: the youth market by combining clinically proven mindfulness and public health behavioural change framework, with the ultimate mission to reduce the public health cost associated with mental wellness in Hong Kong.

Click this website to learn more about:



Applied Theatre X Environmental Education

The team is aware environmental protection efforts and mindset in Hong Kong are lagging far behind the rest of the developed world, and so are our environmental education policies. Therefore, they address this problem with a new and creative teaching and learning medium--applied theatre, which is more interactive and immersive than traditional theatre.


Art of Ageing

One of the Innovation and Technology Scholarship awardees - Kimberly Tong grouped with her friends from The Chinese University of Hong Kong to contribute their knowledge and power to the elderly in Hong Kong through this project, Art of Ageing.

The project aims to write, design, and publish a comic book to address the daily challenges that are commonly faced by elderly people in Hong Kong and empower them with the knowledge and skillsets required to reduce the risk factors associated with age-related diseases. Such preventative measure will allow the elderlies to improve their physical and mental health, and most importantly, their quality, throughout their course of ageing.



Would you care to minimize disposable utensil usage to save human’s future, or are you already waving white flags re such environmental harm we’re imposing on our next generations, and our mother Earth?
To Stephen and his team of BOXBRARY - “Reusable Lunchbox Lending Services”, kick-starting this message education and promotion on “each individual’s participation really matters” perhaps round up their year progress and conclusion, with their meal box lending service at The University of Hong Kong, as one of the winning teams under Hub for the future in Action 2022-2023.

Simplifying lending steps to make reusable meal boxes as easy-going as plastic ones, or, offering discounts per meal purchase as ultimate incentive - Which tactic managed to work till the end, you bet?

Results in quantitative numbers may not be as encouraging, but the team wished to focus on this result-proven phenomenon - Environmental education is never as easy to reach audiences right away, but each step matters and each of us matter, to contribute the most or least we can, along this long road to the seeming never land.

The team had hard times when no incentives seemed to boost box lending numbers at all.  Offering HK$2 meal discounts didn’t work well, so how about HK$5?  No matter what resort, any decided resort is always a best solution trial to any determined executor.  They succeeded the trial, but numbers were still low.  Business prototypes, execution and collaboration hiccups, adjustments on minor details such as per unit cost of box-washing and budget balancing during low seasons; all elements and happenings teach good lessons for positive “never-giving-up” executors who run till the end.

For our less sick mother Earth: Make our own move today, buddies of Hub for the Future!  Your enviro-step matter; our enviro-steps matter.



Knee osteoarthritis (KOA) is a common degenerative disease with no cure. KOA is shared with 10% of the Hong Kong population who are middle-aged and elderly. In light of these detrimental consequences and the predicted increase in the ageing population, CLAIRE has developed a state-of-the-art AI-powered KOA self-management mobile application for better disease management with local orthopaedic surgeons, public health experts, and biomedical engineering scholars.

With the free-of-charge self-management mobile application, they boost self-insurance and self-management skills among KOA patients, by providing health education workshops on evidence-based exercises to alleviate KOA symptoms, together with other educational and motivational components, such as diet and behavioural modifications. Click this website to learn more about CLAIRE:



E for E.Y.E. (Enhancement for the Essence of Youth & Elderly)

E for E.Y.E. (Enhancement for the Essence of Youth & Elderly) was running the booth and promoting the team's idea and picture book at the Windsor House – Windsor Board Game Party on 3-16 July. Some Hub members went to give them support! Let’s promote harmony and well-being across generations through the power of picture books together.

The project, E for E.Y.E. aims to make compassion contagious and promote intergenerational harmony (長幼共融) 👴 👵 👦 👧 through picture book production and public education such as workshops and sharing seminars etc. Through the project, it is expected to increase awareness among youngsters and the elderly’s mental health, better intergenerational collaboration and more positive attitudes towards each other.