About the “Hub for the Future” Mentorship Programme

The Hub for the Future mentorship programme is a core component of the Hub that is jointly organised by HSBC and The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups (HKFYG). This year-long programme aims to foster participants’ personal growth and professional development through a one-on-one/two-mentoring journey accompanied by mentoring workshops and volunteering opportunities. The mentorship programme provides a valuable opportunity to connect HSBC Scholars with industry professionals and to build cross-generational friendships. The ultimate goal of the programme is to help:

• To consolidate advanced leadership and coaching skills during the mentoring process
• To receive innovative ideas and insights from young HSBC scholars
• To give back to the community in a meaningful way

• To facilitate their understanding of the contemporary business environment
• To build their confidence in networking and communicating with business professionals and industry leaders
• To set and achieve their professional development goals