About Hub for the Future

Change requires adaptation and preparation. Otherwise, we’d be left behind. This is particularly so for young people. Therefore, The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups believes in the importance of continuous skills development that young people will require towards the future, and with generous support from the HSBC, deployed its HSBC Future Skills Development Project in 2019 to great support.

Towards this end, the Federation has initiated the “Hub for the Future”, which brings together insightful young talents and change-makers, to equip them with the capabilities and competencies both for the future and to use their collective power to contribute to society.

The Hub creates an ecosystem that cultivates the values of sustainability, builds social capital, and develops the future skills of its members. Its three main components are (1) engagement, (2) skills learning, and (3) social innovation. It provides young people with a series of systematic action-based engagements relating to future skills, employability enhancement, digital transformation, social capital building and connections enrichment.