GBA Webinar Series

Do you wish to gain a deeper understanding of market and opportunities in the GBA? Join our GBA Webinar Series on GBA readiness.

GBA Webinar 1: Innovative eCommerce Solutions for the Brands to Succeed in the Emerging Market in GBA, China

Date and time: 3 March 2022 (Thur) 18:30
Speaker: Mr. Terry Chan, CEO at JUSTT Group, JUSTT BEAUTHY, Chairman at Hong Kong eCommerce Supply Chain Association (HKeCSC)

The session will cover:
- tech and innovation in the GBA
- eCommerce opportunities in the GBA
- developing technology and branding business

GBA Webinar 2: Emerging Industry in GBA

Date and time: 10 March 2022 (Thur) 18:30
Speaker: Mr. Chan Wai Wai, President of Grass Roots Angel Investor Club

The session will cover:
- emerging industries in the GBA (e.g. live commerce)
- industrial transformation and upgrading in the GBA: trends and challenges
- GBA trending towards high value-added business

GBA Webinar 3: GBA Opportunities

Date and time: 17 March 2022 (Thur) 18:30
Speaker: Mr. Kenny Tong, CEO (China) of Tsui Wah Group

The session will cover:
- development focus in the GBA
- mainland policies and measures
- youth innovation and entrepreneurship: Greater Bay Area Youth Employment Scheme
- youth innovation entrepreneurship bases

GBA Webinar 4: Future Talent Development Needs and Soft Skills in GBA

Date and time: 24 March 2022 (Thur) 18:30
Speaker: Ms. Candice Cai, President of Chinese Overseas Talent Service Base (HK)

The session will cover:
- soft skills in the GBA
- new trends of emerging markets or industries in the GBA
- talents or skills required in those industries
- how to adjust mindsets or eliminate youths’ doubts in the GBA