Youth High Speed Rail Trip 2023

The Federation organised an innovation and technology trip to Guangzhou and Foshan in April 2023, exploring the latest advancements in tech and innovation. It is a unique opportunity for young people to expand their horizons and gain valuable insights on this trip.

During the trip, Hub members had the chance to visit Guangzhou Leafun Culture Science and Technology Co., Ltd., which showed a perfect fusion of art, technology, and economy. As one of the major service providers for the Winter Olympics, the company focuses on cultural technology and finance. They are all thrilled to see how the firm support from the government, combined with the potential of young talents and their transdisciplinary professional skills, has enabled the creation of unique, innovative, and culturally world-class products in the fields of urban landscape and cultural tourism.

Creativity, on its own, cannot go far or achieve its full potential without adequate legal protection. Comprehensive protection of intellectual property rights is always the crucial foundation for the development of outstanding products. The visit to the Foshan Nanhai Guangdong Technology University CNC equipment Cooperative Innovation Institute underscored the importance of protecting intellectual property rights in fostering an environment that nurtures and rewards innovation. It is remarkable to see how such protection stimulates creativity and motivates world-class researchers to extend the boundaries of knowledge.

The region's potential for innovation and entrepreneurship is beyond inspiring. We are looking forward to organising more insightful trips to other cities in the Greater Bay Area to exchange ideas with inspiring youths in the near future.

(By Bonnie Chan - HSBC InnoTech Scholar 2022)