A community’s success is measured by its ability to nurture and retain talent for the future – and that’s why we have been empowering youth through our scholarship schemes for almost 60 years.

Since HSBC launched their first scholarship scheme in 1965, they have enabled nearly 7,000 students to pursue their ambitions and dreams in Hong Kong and beyond.

In August, over 270 awardees of scholarship schemes were recognised at the HSBC Scholars Day 2023. Luanne Lim, HSBC Hong Kong CEO, celebrated our Scholars’ achievements at the event, as we double down on our investment in the next generation and offer students of today unparalleled opportunities for tomorrow.

Scholars, congratulations again and welcome to the Hub for the Future. This is just the beginning of your journey, we look forward to the collaboration between you and your fellow Hub members for creating brighter futures! Join us now and stay tuned for more updates from us!

Event Highlights