Mentorship Programme 2022-2023 Second Gathering – Local Sketching Tour

The Hub for the Future Mentorship Programme provided a chance for young scholars and industry professionals to learn more about one another and build cross-generational friendships.

Hub for the Future Mentorship Programme 2nd Gathering - Local Sketching Tour was held on 14 Oct 2023, this activity not only provides an opportunity for participants to learn about the history of Hong Kong by visiting historical buildings and also how to sketch with mentor/mentee(s). All mentors and mentees were using brushes to record the beautiful sceneries in Hong Kong and were happy to connect with others.

Thanks to one of the mentees, HSBC Hong Kong Scholars Teresa Chan's help to be the interviewer of Shirley, Kenny, Nimisha and the Mentor Andrew MCFARLAND. The video shoot will be published soon.

Stay tuned for their happy sharing of the Mentorship Programme!