“HSBC Scholars” Jiangmen Green Industry Explorational Trip

Hub is glad to have gathered 17 GBA scholars and 18 Hub members to join the “HSBC Scholars”  Jiangmen Green Industry Explorational Trip in the past few days. 

Scholars and Hub members have explored entrepreneurial opportunities and youth development with entrepreneurs from Jiangman and Hong Kong. 

Jiangmen is one of the GBA cities focusing on #EmergingBusiness Strategic Development. By visiting Qiao Meng Yuan (#僑夢苑), #珠西雙創園#江門人才島科技產業園, Jiangmen Laboratory of Carbon Science and Technology (#江門雙碳實驗室) and more, scholars are honour to meet entrepreneurs and understanding the latest #AI #Tech usage & #ESG Development.

Also, Scholars were provided with the valuable opportunity to interact with students from Wuyi University (#五邑大學), tour Chikan Ancient Town (#赤坎華僑古鎮) & Xinhui Chenpi Village (#新會陳皮村). Experiencing the QiaoXiang Culture #僑鄉文化 in Jiangmen.